I) Promoting the consultation of heritage collections by means of the following activities:

  1. Collaboratively publishing promotional materials on the collections of Association members.
  2. Providing information concerning the operation, handling, and promotion of associate’s archives and libraries.
  3. Developing and updating a directory of Association members, with the purpose of divulging their funds.

II) Having technical consultation available for the archives and libraries of Association members.

III) Promoting the training or actualization of associate’s staff members through courses or lectures in which the advancement of work within different heritage collections may be divulged.

IV) Contributing to efforts for the State to maintain the private nature of individual-owned archives, provide legal security and both respect and enforce the respect of their guarantees in terms of personal property. Furthermore, we seek a State guarantee that, in case of risk to a private archive of historical, social, technical, business, cientific, cultural or artistic relevance, governmental agencies may support and intervene in its rescue.

V) Representing private archives before the National Archives Council and the State Archive System Council, as well as guaranteeing their participation in organizations and councils dedicated to enacting laws that relate to the Association or the institutions it represents.