AMABPAC was established on the 20th of April of 1994, with the goal of promoting and spreading the invaluable archive of Mexican history, kept in private libraries and collections under the custody of private institutions all across the country.

The ten signing institutions of the Constitutive Act are: Plutarco Elías Calles and Fernando Torreblanca Archives; Manuel Gómez Morín Archive; Miguel Alemán Foundation A. C.; Condumex Services S.A. de C.V.; Historical Archive of the Archiepiscopate of Mexico; Banamex Historical Archive; Historical Archive of the Carmelitas in Mexico; Historical Archive of The Colegio de la Paz Vizcaínas; Historical Archive of the Province of Mexico of the Compañía de Jesús; and Banamex Cultural Promote.

Currently composed of 29 associates, AMABPAC encourages private libraries and archives with the intention of significantly contributing to the preservation of memory, through both historiographic research and the enhancement of culture in Mexico.
Aside from keeping institutional heritage collections, private libraries and archives provide an account of some remarkable facets of history, through the preservation of quotidian life, customs, culture and particular beliefs, owing to the safeguarding of those intimate aspects that narrate the world from the perspective of a community, a family, or a distinct individual.